In May of 2013, Club Random pulled one of the most interesting pranks yet.

The SonnetEdit

If you go to a certain user 's profile page, you'll find a sonnet explaining the sitatuation to an extent.

You know @BoxyWolf and @MoxyWolf and @FoxyWolf and @Loxy,
@DoxyWolf and @JoxyWolf and @NoxyWolf and @Poxy,
But do you reca~a~all?
The most famous _oxy of aaall?

Hive-queen @Roxyana Wolvreina
Had a very shiny banner,
And if you ever saw it,
Oxie and the Wolfie Mays
Used to steal all her names;
They never let poor Hive-queen @RoxyWolf

Then one fine ordinary day,
Pyroneus came to say,
Hive-queen Roxyana with your snark so bright,
Won't you moderate my forums tonight?

Then how the hive-mob loved her
As they shouted out with glee,
Hive-queen Roxyana Wolvreina,
You'll go down in history.

The sonnet is in mostly chronological order and contains links to all participant profiles.

The Prank's Effect on AnatheriaEdit

- The sonnet is in mostly chronological order and contains links to all participant profiles
- donations rose by 30% as a result of the _Oxys mischief
- facilitated by Boxy, with the exceptions of Joxy and Foxy
- _oxies are cast-off husks, much in an incubator fashion
- the above is a joke

The Username changesEdit

With the use of Donation Tokens, users may change their usernames. This is how Club Random managed their prank. These are the _Oxys associated with their change:

RoxyWolf = The Original Oxy, feared Hivequeen

PoxyWolf = Derranged

DoxyWolf = Miheila

FoxyWolf = Zapspeed

JoxyWolf = LexoJello

LoxyWolf = Rhea

MoxyWolf = Jaze

NoxyWolf = PrettyPink187

BoxyWolf = Kris

*Feel free to change as the usernames change; I'd link, but I don't know everyone's profile url. :)

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